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Atlas Sound

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER125497Atlas Sound169-8Baffle, 8 Inch, Square Trim W/ Round Protective Sc$13.37Details
ER951871Atlas Sound18-2PX100Wire 18-2 X 100' Plenum Rated$68.58Details
ER125766Atlas Sound324-15Cabinet, Wall, Sectional, 15" D Center Section, 96$928.28Details
ER319894Atlas Sound5040CDDIADiaphram For A Speaker$61.51Details
ER125774Atlas Sound51-4Baffle, For 4" Loudspeaker, Round, White $11.62Details
ER126421Atlas Sound51-8Baffle, Round, Recessed, Screw Mount, For 8 Inch L$8.84Details
ER125616Atlas Sound544-25Cabinet, Welded, 19" Floor, 25 1/2" D, 77" Rack, T$736.00Details
ER126425Atlas Sound61-12WBaffle, For 12" Loudspeaker, Round, Recessed, Whit$54.42Details
ER884202Atlas Sound62-8-052Speaker Baffle, 8 Inch, Round, 1-Piece Crs Constru$17.12Details
ER124516Atlas Sound830-812ABaffle, For 8" Loudspeaker, For 12" Analog Clock,$148.40Details
ER124517Atlas Sound840-812ABaffle, For 8" Loudspeaker, For 12" Analog Clocks,$166.77Details
ER126432Atlas Sound95-8-7Housing, 8", 7" Deep, Recessed, Round, With Fiberg$30.78Details
ER126433Atlas Sound96-8-7Housing, 7" Deep, Recessed, Round, With Fiberglass$32.32Details
ER832685Atlas SoundA8SIp Spk Sys 8" C10$57.96Details
ER843300Atlas SoundAA200PHD6-Input, 200-Watt Mixer Amplifier With Auto Sys Ts$653.02Details
ER885766Atlas SoundAA30PHDMixer Amplifier, 3-Channel Input, W/ Push Here Dia$217.53Details
ER125630Atlas SoundAA35Amplifier, Strategy Series, Mixer, 3 Channel Input$249.03Details
ER788981Atlas SoundAA400PHDMixer Amplifier, 6-Channel Input, W/ Push Here Dia$923.71Details
ER861913Atlas SoundAA50PHDMixer Amplifier, 6-Channel Input, W/ Push Here Dia$312.56Details
ER125789Atlas SoundAA60Mixer Amplifier, 60 Watts, (1) Mic Input W/ Phanto$338.46Details
ER124527Atlas SoundAA-MLAmplifier, Module, Mic Line W/ Vca Aa120M $72.41Details
ER124529Atlas SoundAARMK2-0Accessory, Rack Mount Kit For Amplifier, Aa120, Aa$32.32Details
ER124531Atlas SoundAA-SMGAmplifier, Module, Sound Masking Aa120M $107.35Details
ER125796Atlas SoundAD-11BAccessory, Flange, 5/8" - 27 F $11.68Details
ER125640Atlas SoundAD-12BAccessory, Flange, 5/8" - 27 M $11.68Details
ER125798Atlas SoundAD-12BEAccessory, Flange, 5/8" - 27 M, Ebony Finish $9.85Details
ER125799Atlas SoundAD14BAccessory, 90 Deg Angle Tube, 5/8" - 27 M & F $20.39Details
ER590757Atlas SoundAD19BAccessory, 45 Deg Angle Tube, 5/8" - 27 M & F $20.39Details
ER126447Atlas SoundAD-5BAccessory, Coupling, 5/8" - 27 F To 5/8" F $8.82Details
ER126448Atlas SoundAD-7BAccessory, 3" Long Tube, 5/8" - 27 M Thread $8.82Details
ER126449Atlas SoundAD-8BAccessory, 6" Long Tube, 5/8" - 27 M Thread $9.85Details
ER126451Atlas SoundAF140Autotransformer, 140 Watt, High Quality $151.54Details
ER1028686Atlas SoundAH128STDIDia, Replcmnt Ah12-8 Series$35.13Details
ER356694Atlas SoundAH212-MSMounting System Assembly, Includes Mounting Hardwa$595.52Details
ER846410Atlas SoundAH42-212-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 3-Way Design, W/ ($2,093.19Details
ER590761Atlas SoundAH5040CDDIAAh 15"Rplcmnt Diaphragm F/Ah5040Cd,Ah6565Cd,Ah9040$60.17Details
ER879241Atlas SoundAH54-15-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 15 I$1,356.20Details
ER841328Atlas SoundAH66-12T-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 12 I$1,113.49Details
ER716045Atlas SoundAH66-15-BSGHrn Cd 8" Lf 2-Way Stadium Sys 65X65 Ss Brkt - Bs$1,356.20Details
ER807145Atlas SoundAH66-8T-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 8 In$736.00Details
ER124538Atlas SoundAH9040S15"-2-Way-Stadium Horn 90X40-In Stainless Steel$1,400.10Details
ER590763Atlas SoundAH94-12T-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 12 I$1,113.49Details
ER590764Atlas SoundAH94-15-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 15 I$1,356.20Details
ER124539Atlas SoundAH94-8STStadium Horn 90X40 2-Way-8"$760.21Details
ER590765Atlas SoundAH94-8T-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 8 In$736.00Details
ER863189Atlas SoundAH99-12T-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 12 I$1,113.49Details
ER590766Atlas SoundAH99-8T-BSGStadium Horn System, Ah Series, 2-Way Design, 8 In$736.00Details
ER124545Atlas SoundAH-PM-MOUNT-6UPAdapter Bracket, Stainless Steel Strap, For 6 Inch$470.63Details
ER590776Atlas SoundAHSUBSTANDAccessory, Elevated Stand, For Ahsub15S Subwoofer$386.99Details
ER408970Atlas SoundAL2430Mixer, A-Line Series, Ir Receiver / System Amplifi$450.09Details
ER590780Atlas SoundAL-AMPPSUAccessory, Power Supply Unit, For Receiver / Ampli$66.29Details
ER590781Atlas SoundAL-CMCollar / Headset Microphone, 3.5Mm $69.27Details
ER590783Atlas SoundAL-DOCKPSUAccessory, Power Supply Unit, For Transmitter Char$28.63Details
ER590785Atlas SoundAL-LMLapel Microphone, 3.5Mm $63.15Details
ER898871Atlas SoundALM-1Microphone, Ambient Level Sensing, Sound Masking,$419.51Details
ER877106Atlas SoundAL-MYNA-NESTCharging Station For Al-Myna Wireless Transmitters$110.48Details
ER125655Atlas SoundAP-15TUCRLoudspeaker, Voice Control, 15 Watt, 25 / 70.7 Vol$125.70Details
ER125656Atlas SoundAP-30Loudspeaker, Multi Purpose, 30 Watt, 8 Ohm $122.57Details
ER124860Atlas SoundAPBKCompression Driver Accessory, Replacement Swivel F$25.27Details
ER125814Atlas SoundAPC-30TLoudspeaker, Multi Purpose, Angle, 30 Watt, 25 / 7$168.25Details
ER126471Atlas SoundAPF-15Loudspeaker, Multi Purpose, Flange, 15 Watt, 8 Ohm$84.50Details
ER125660Atlas SoundAPF-15TLoudspeaker, Multi Purpose, Flange, 15 Watt, 25 /$102.73Details
ER810222Atlas SoundAPF-15TU-USAEmergency Signaling Horn Loudspeaker, 15 Watt Comp$123.63Details
ER126475Atlas SoundAPR-30ATLoudspeaker, Multi Purpose, 30 W, 8 Ohm, 25 / 70.7$153.02Details
ER870117Atlas SoundAP-S15APower Strip, (9) Total Outlets Including (1) Front$101.53Details
ER711241Atlas SoundAP-S15LAPower Strip, (9) Total Outlets Including (1) Front$123.77Details
ER590797Atlas SoundAP-S20RTPower Strip, (9) Total Outlets Including (1) Front$315.85Details
ER124869Atlas SoundAS-140-592Shelf, For Amplifier, 20" X 17" X 12 3/8", Wall Mo$80.02Details
ER319890Atlas SoundAS2A-1MRca Audio Interconnect, 1 Meter $6.85Details
ER124871Atlas SoundAS2XLR-3MSignal,2Ser,3M,3 P Xlr M/F$13.37Details
ER126480Atlas SoundASP-MG24TDBSound Masking Processor, 1 Ru, 6-Inputs, 4-Outputs$1,546.28Details
ER590816Atlas SoundAS-UNDIO2X2Pdct Kit, Undio2X2$866.57Details
ER356691Atlas SoundAT-SM52GRLLW$15.91Details
ER125840Atlas SoundB161-4Loudspeaker Pkg, 4" Loudspeaker, Single Or Dual Vo$66.29Details
ER874278Atlas SoundB2237Microphone Stand Boom, Platinum Design Series, Adj$29.51Details
ER125841Atlas SoundB51-4Loudspeaker Pkg, 4", 10 Oz Ceramic Magnet, Pre-Ass$46.54Details
ER590824Atlas SoundBB-168DTBluebridge Dsp, 16In, 8Out, Dante $3,265.80Details
ER590827Atlas SoundBB-88Bluebridge Dsp, 8In, 8Out $2,081.48Details
ER590829Atlas SoundBB-EB1616DTI/O Expansion, 16X16, W/ Dante $2,240.79Details
ER769282Atlas SoundBBPLTPNLPnl Rec 3Ru 2Gng-3 #052$48.31Details
ER590835Atlas SoundBB-SM1Bluebridge System Manager $1,268.99Details
ER590840Atlas SoundBBWP-S4BWall Plate, 4 Switches, Black $401.55Details
ER798468Atlas SoundBBWP-S4K1Wall Plate, 4 Switches + 1 Knob, White$578.11Details
ER590841Atlas SoundBBWP-S4K1BWall Plate, 4 Switches + 1 Knob, Black $434.10Details
ER125685Atlas SoundBMT95-4Baffle Enclosure Sys, For 4" Loudspeaker, Blind Mo$30.78Details
ER125842Atlas SoundBMT95-4-7Baffle Enclosure Sys, For 4" Loudspeaker, Blind Mo$37.11Details
ER126785Atlas SoundBT720-4Loudspeaker Pkg, 4", 10 Oz Ceramic Magnet, Pre-Ass$60.17Details
ER126087Atlas SoundBT720-4-T47Loudspeaker Pkg, 4", 10 Oz Ceramic Magnet, Pre-Ass$66.29Details
ER126088Atlas SoundBX-1ACompression Driver Accessory, Conduit / Cable Adap$9.85Details
ER124903Atlas SoundBX-2ACompression Driver Accessory, Conduit / Cable Adap$9.85Details
ER125893Atlas SoundC10ALoudspeaker, 8" Dual Cone, 25W, 8 Ohm, Ul $18.73Details
ER126786Atlas SoundC10AT25Loudspeaker, 8" Dual Cone, 25V-5W, Xfmr $30.22Details
ER126787Atlas SoundC10AT70Loudspeaker, Dual Cone, 8 Inch, 25 Watt, Internal$30.22Details
ER125894Atlas SoundC10AT72Loudspeaker, Dual Cone, 8 Inch, 25 Watt, Internal$30.22Details
ER124905Atlas SoundC12BT60Coaxial Loudspeaker, 12", 60 W, 70.7 V, Xfmr $177.37Details
ER125895Atlas SoundC5AT72Loudspeaker, Dual Cone, 8 Inch, 15 Watt, Internal$30.22Details
ER125929Atlas SoundC803ALoudspeaker, 8" Coaxial, 16W, 8 Ohm, Ul $37.11Details
ER124906Atlas SoundC803AT167Loudspeaker, Coaxial, 8 Inch, 70.7V-16W Transforme$89.14Details
ER126093Atlas SoundC803AT47Loudspeaker, 8" Coaxial, 16 Watt, 70.7V-4W, Xfmr $49.63Details
ER124907Atlas SoundC803AT70Loudspeaker, Coaxial, 8 Inch, 16 Watt, Internal Li$45.00Details
ER126791Atlas SoundC803AT72Loudspeaker, Coaxial, 8 Inch, 16 Watt, Internal Li$45.00Details
ER125930Atlas SoundC803AT87Loudspeaker, Coaxial, 8 Inch, 16 Watt, Internal Li$58.57Details
ER1046793Atlas SoundC803AT87-HC8 Coaxial Loudspeaker With 70.7V-8W Transformer$77.76Details
ER125936Atlas SoundCE-2A-PTAccessory, Handset / Chrome Hook Switch, 2 Gang, P$188.12Details
ER590860Atlas SoundCP700RRKPower Amplifier, Rear Rm Kit, Cp700 $55.97Details
ER126109Atlas SoundD161-8Loudspeaker Pkg, 8" Dual Cone, 10 Oz Ceramic Magne$58.68Details
ER1049737Atlas SoundDD87W-HC8"Coaxial Loudspeaker W/70.7V-8W Transformer$94.72Details
ER125943Atlas SoundDMS7EDrum Miking Stand, 8" To 13" H, Ebony Tube $43.52Details
ER1013180Atlas SoundDNA2404CLDigital Network 4Ch Power Amplifier With Cobranet$4,018.19Details
ER590871Atlas SoundDPA-102PMPower Amplifier, Networkable, 2-Channel, Digital S$342.61Details
ER903378Atlas SoundDPA1202Power Amplifier, 6-Channel, (4) Channels 300 Watts$1,153.71Details
ER856126Atlas SoundDPA2402Power Amplifier, 6-Channel, (4) Channels 600 Watts$1,307.72Details
ER711795Atlas SoundDPA602Power Amplifier, 6-Channel, (4) Channels 150 Watts$922.74Details
ER1048156Atlas SoundDPA-DAC4Dante Enabled Accessory Card$421.31Details
ER124921Atlas SoundDS2Discontinued, Accessory, Desk Stand, Vibration Red$42.05Details
ER126808Atlas SoundDS5Accessory, Desk Stand, Leader, 5" H, Ebony Metal B$23.04Details
ER126114Atlas SoundDS7Accessory, Desk Stand, Leader, Adjustable 8" To 13$33.65Details
ER125946Atlas SoundDS7EAccessory, Desk Stand, Adjustable 8" To 13" H, Met$31.98Details
ER877535Atlas SoundDT21Speaker System, Pre-Assembled, Includes 8 Inch Spe$72.57Details
ER729632Atlas SoundDT22Speaker System, Pre-Assembled, Includes 8 Inch Spe$81.52Details
ER890714Atlas SoundDT6Speaker System, Pre-Assembled, Includes 3 Inch Spe$47.79Details
ER126117Atlas SoundDUO2.4 Ghz Floor Lamp, Blk$185.22Details
ER590879Atlas SoundE410Option, 4" Loudspeaker Housing, Round, $28.63Details
ER590880Atlas SoundE410-11Accessory, 4" Loudspeaker Housing, Round, .513C' $41.75Details
ER124925Atlas SoundECM-30Electrical Control Module, Ac Spike Suppressor, St$188.26Details
ER791164Atlas SoundEJW115AI-WSubwoofer Speaker System, A-Line Series, Install,$3,267.69Details
ER896130Atlas SoundEJW115XI-WSubwoofer Speaker System, A-Line Series, Install,$992.35Details
ER770650Atlas SoundEL1503-BLine Array Speaker System, Passive, Compact, Full$921.41Details
ER906540Atlas SoundELIJAH2K-BLine Array Speaker System Kit, A-Line Elijah Serie$5,924.55Details
ER916742Atlas SoundEM806A-BLine Array Speaker System, A-Line Series, Powered,$5,319.44Details
ER715585Atlas SoundEMMA2K-BLine Array Speaker System Kit, Includes (2) Em806A$19,903.85Details
ER920180Atlas SoundEMW410A-BSubwoofer Speaker System, A-Line Series, Powered,$3,988.09Details
ER126819Atlas SoundEQ81Mounting Accessory, For 8" Eq Series, Tile Bridge$18.73Details
ER125955Atlas SoundEQM131Equalizer, 1/3 Octave $273.25Details
ER126128Atlas SoundEZ964Ez Mount Flanged Enclosure For 4" Loudspeaker$20.48Details
ER125958Atlas SoundEZ96-8Housing, 8", Recessed, Round $32.32Details
ER126822Atlas SoundEZB161-44" Loudspeaker Pkg, Ez Mount, Fc-104-T-72 / T 161-$45.38Details
ER126129Atlas SoundEZE410Accessory, Enclosure, 4", Recessed, Round, Ez .303$30.22Details
ER125959Atlas SoundEZHD72WLoudspeaker Pkg, 8", 10 Oz Ceramic Magnet, 25/70.7$45.00Details
ER124929Atlas SoundF-1Flasher, Ir, For M-1 Series $15.53Details
ER319885Atlas SoundF6-AMIXMixer Card Input Module, Analog, (8) Inputs, (6) O$227.65Details
ER126823Atlas SoundF6-MFModular Amplifier, 6-Channel, Class-D Amplificatio$816.55Details
ER126167Atlas SoundFA134T87Loudspeaker, 4" Strategy Series, 70.7V - 8 W Xfmr,$62.85Details
ER125961Atlas SoundFA136Loudspeaker, 6" Strategy Series, 50 W, 8 Ohm, Ul $54.58Details
ER126168Atlas SoundFA136T47Loudspeaker, 6" Strategy Series, 70.7V - 4W, Xfmr,$64.65Details
ER125962Atlas SoundFA136T87Loudspeaker, 6" Strategy Series, 70.7V - 8 W, Xfmr$67.93Details
ER590892Atlas SoundFA136T87FRKSpeaker System, Kit, Fire-Rated, Fa136T87Fr, Fa720$245.44Details
ER124931Atlas SoundFA138Loudspeaker, 8" Strategy Series, 100 W, 8 Ohm $58.30Details
ER125963Atlas SoundFA138T167Loudspeaker, 8" Strategy Series, 70.7V - 16 W, Xfm$109.74Details
ER590893Atlas SoundFA138T327Loudspeaker System, 70.7-32W Transformer $123.16Details
ER1051157Atlas SoundFA138T327-HC8"Round Coax 70V 32W Speaker W/ Hyfidrophobic Coat$151.28Details
ER124932Atlas SoundFA138T87Loudspeaker, 8" Strategy Series, 70.7V - 8 W, Xfmr$84.64Details
ER126932Atlas SoundFA42T-6MBLoudspeaker System, Motor Board Version, 4 Inches,$55.52Details
ER124936Atlas SoundFA51-6Grille, 6" Strategy Series, 9-5/8" Round, Ul $18.73Details
ER125966Atlas SoundFA51-8Grille, 8" Strategy Series, 11-1/8" Round $20.48Details
ER590900Atlas SoundFA62T-8MBMotor Board Assembly, 6" Speaker, 30 W, 70.7 / 100$61.81Details
ER126171Atlas SoundFA720-4Grille, 4", Strategy Series, 7-7/8" Round $23.68Details
ER125969Atlas SoundFA81-6Mount Accessory, 6" Strategy Series, Tile Bridge,$13.55Details
ER126934Atlas SoundFA95-66" Strategy Series, Accessory, Enclosure, 6-1/8" D$30.78Details
ER126180Atlas SoundFA97-44" Strategy Series Accessory, Enclosure, 7-5/8" D,$40.20Details
ER1016102Atlas SoundFAP33-TRNew Construction Ring Fap33T-W$29.54Details
ER954547Atlas SoundFAP33T-W3" Full Range Speaker System White, Each$89.07Details
ER966872Atlas SoundFAP33TW-PAIR3" 2-Way Spkr Sys Wht, Pair$183.81Details
ER124946Atlas SoundFAP40T PAIR$134.32Details
ER863178Atlas SoundFAP40T-BSpeaker System, Fap Strategy 2 Series, 4 Inch Poly$61.85Details
ER126940Atlas SoundFAP42-RRAccessory, Retro Ring, From Fap42T To Standard 8 I$18.41Details
ER124949Atlas SoundFAP42TGRILLReplacement Grill F/Fap42T Speaker$11.15Details
ER126942Atlas SoundFAP42-TRFap42T Accessory, Trim Ring, For New Construction$26.39Details
ER997814Atlas SoundFAP43T-W4" 2-Way Speaker System Wht, Each$108.86Details
ER1002891Atlas SoundFAP43TW-PAIR4" 2-Way Spkr Sys Wht Pair$221.98Details
ER869692Atlas SoundFAP6260TSpeaker System, Fap Strategy 3 Series, 2-Way, 6 In$125.24Details
ER356687Atlas SoundFAP62TCRINGC Shapped Mounting Ring For The Fap62T$3.19Details
ER126944Atlas SoundFAP62TGRILLGrill For Fap62T Speaker$12.15Details
ER772065Atlas SoundFAP62T-HC6" Coaxial Speaker System W/ Hyfidrophobic Treatmn$139.97Details
ER126945Atlas SoundFAP62-TRFap62T Accessory, Trim Ring, For New Construction,$28.00Details
ER126186Atlas SoundFAP62T-UL2043Loudspeaker System, Strategy Ii Series, Coaxial, 2$135.79Details
ER1042533Atlas SoundFAP63-TRNew Construction Ring Fap63T-W$30.02Details
ER725263Atlas SoundFAP63T-W6" 2-Way Speaker System, White, Each$125.83Details
ER960151Atlas SoundFAP63TW-PAIR6" 2-Way Spkr Sys Wht Pair$257.33Details
ER590915Atlas SoundFAP82TDLDog Leg For Fap82T Speakers$1.84Details
ER590916Atlas SoundFAPR-4Mount Accessory, Plaster Ring, Round, For 4" Strat$23.68Details
ER126947Atlas SoundFAPR-8Mount Accessory, 8" Strategy Series, Plastic Ring,$28.63Details
ER781299Atlas SoundFAPSUB-1Subwoofer Speaker System, Fap Strategy 2 Series, 8$223.95Details
ER124959Atlas SoundFA-TR6Trim Ring, Round, Rough-In, 6 Inches $28.63Details
ER125984Atlas SoundFC104Loudspeaker, 4" Std, 10W, 8 Ohm $20.48Details
ER126193Atlas SoundFC104TLoudspeaker, Damped Cone, 10 Watt, 8 Ohm, 4 Inch,$40.20Details
ER124963Atlas SoundFD25WMagnet, Ceramic, 5Oz, 25V-5W Transformer, 51-8 $33.87Details
ER1029644Atlas SoundFD72W-HC8"Loudspeaker Assembly W/25V/70.7V Transformer$58.68Details
ER590920Atlas SoundFEST-I8SFlush Mount Straight Encl For I8S,I8Sm$76.34Details
ER125987Atlas SoundFEST-I8SCFlush Mount Straight Enclosure F/I8Sc&I8Scm Poe$97.55Details
ER760509Atlas SoundFEST-IHIp-Enc-Rec-Sq-Ih-Vp-Infomacast-Ss$180.98Details
ER125988Atlas SoundFM250-70Amplifier Card Module, Fixed 30 Hz High Pass Filte$203.35Details
ER590930Atlas SoundFMA-RRK44Accessory, Rear Rail Kit, For 44Ru, Fma, Ser $177.37Details
ER125991Atlas SoundF-PLoudspeaker Accessory, Flush Plate $15.30Details
ER1083547Atlas SoundFS12T-6612" Fs Series Arena Horn With 65 X 65 Degree Dispe$728.70Details
ER1081809Atlas SoundFS12T-9412" Fs Series Arena Horn With 90 X 40 Degree Dispr$751.02Details
ER1061537Atlas SoundFS12T-9912" Fs Series Arena Horn With90 X 90 Degree Disper$728.70Details
ER1028099Atlas SoundFS12T-BT6012" Fs Series Arena Coaxial Speaker With 90 Degree$631.29Details
ER1023657Atlas SoundFS12T-SUBDual 12" Fs Series Arena Horn Subwoofer$673.56Details
ER125143Atlas SoundGA-15TLoudspeaker, Paging Horn, 15 Watt, 25 / 70.7 Volt$63.15Details